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H chaine d'ancreopen ring

H chaine d'ancreopen ring

Excluding Sales Tax |

● Nickel free


● Lead free


● Non-tarnish


● Hypoallergenic and Water-resistant


● Color : silver


● Material : 92.5 sterling silver


● Size : open ring


● About silver

When not wearing, make surety contain them in a bag so color won’t change

When left not being used, color will start to change

Make sure to keep them in a bag.  If washed by chemical, it will also destroy the safety for kids.

Please use the cloth we provided



● AW Jewelry is daily look items. item with edge and makes you want to wear them everyday. 

fits with modern look as well as classic look

its for all seasons and works well as point look with your daily look.


    Once ordered, there is No return or exchange

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