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14K Gold filled 5mm

14K Gold filled 5mm


.: We are made to order.

.: Handmade

.: Nickel free

.: Lead free

.: Non-tarnish

.: Chemical resistant

.: Hypoallergenic and Water-resistant.

.: Waterproof Jewelry

.: 100% Guarantee

.: Filled : 14K Gold

.: Material : USA real 14k gold filled, Sawrovski pearls, strong elastic string

.: Size : (☆; most)

Women size

- SS(5.75"), S (6”) , M (6.25”), L (6.5”☆)

Men size

- S (7”) , M (7.25”☆) , L (7.5”), 8”

.: made in USA

.: Shipping Shipping takes 7 to 14 days to process



Proud to say we keep the highest quality

If hole is big, it will reduce the time of making it but it will come out not as pretty and not straight.

Therefore we use smaller hole to create better product even through it takes longer

Our string is made strong and has the most resilience

Most of AW Jewelry order will be processed at the time of order.

  • ● About 14K gold-filled

    We choose to work with 14k gold-filled because it allows us to offer top-of-the-line quality at an affordable price.  The thick outer layer of real gold makes it highly durable and safe for people with allergies or sensitive skin.  We get a lot of questions about gold-filled and what it actually is.  


    When bracelets are too tight, be aware strings may disconnect

    Use the measurement carefully 

    Jewelry may have discoloration when used for long time 

    This product has no warranty


    most of AW Jewelry order will be processed at the time of order.  Bracelets and rings are handmade

    Once ordered, there is No return or exchange

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