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It all started with our signature silver ball bracelet. A longtime jewelry lover, founder Ana Yang began making hand-made bracelets as a hobby and giving them to family and friends as gifts.


Two years later, after research into quality control, testing, and top-notch materials, AW Jewelry is officially in business and open to the public! Our signature styles are still our original silver- and gold-ball bracelets, but we’re experimenting with new designs and adding fresh styles every day. With a true passion for jewelry, there’s nothing we love more than showing off how creative and fun jewelry fashion can be. And just like in the beginning, every ball bracelet is still handmade with love by our founder, Ana. 


We keep our prices low so that we can focus on YOU—our customer! We want to create a new generation of classic, go-to styles and we look forward to becoming a part of your everyday look.

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